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Conservation development of cultural landscapes

Since its foundation in 1904 the Bund Heimat und Umwelt (BHU) advocates the cause of cultural landscapes and the people who form part of these landscapes. The projects are concerned with a whole range of issues from the conservation of environment, nature, historic monuments and sites to the protection of regional languages and traditional customs – briefly, with the safe-guarding of all elements basic for cultural landscapes. This demands a holistic thematic approach. Besides the conservation of already existing structures in cultural landscapes an important basic goal is the involvement of the local population in the development of their environment. The BHU supports activities in this field as a provider of ideas, project partner and mediator between different groups.

The association is the umbrella organisation of the local history and citizen societies in the Federal Republic of Germany and represents half a million people who commit themselves to conservation causes.

Ruine der Klosterkirche Heisterbach

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